Posted by Mary Davidge

                             NEW BOOKS IN THE MEDIA CENTRE, APRIL 2014

New books on family life and parenting.

Michael Cassidy : So, You Want to Get Married? Sub title: laying firm foundations for marital happiness.

 Michael Cassidy is the founder of African Enterprise and a member of our church. This slim book comprises the 12 letters he wrote to a young couple about to get married. They are practical, lively and fun.

Dr James Dobson : Parenting Isn’t for Cowards. Sub title: The “You can do it” guide for hassled parents. This classic has sold more than a million copies. James Dobson, founder of Focus on the Family, writes as both a therapist and a father. He covers topics like preventing child-rearing troubles before they happen and banishing your guilt about hard –to- raise children and protecting your sanity during your child’s adolescence.

Stormie Omartian : The Power of a Praying Parent. In 30 short, easy- to- read chapters, Stormie shares how you can pray through every area of your child’s life. Whether your child is 4 or 44, you can be part of God’s work in your child, by praying for him or her.

Martha Pope Gorris : Parenting Young Adults. This little book gives pointers on ways of relating to your adult child to keep the connection that’s important to you e.g. relating in ways so that you don’t give unwanted advice, surviving your adult child’s poor decisions, saying “no” without feeling guilty and establishing new lines of communication.

John Eldridge : Desire. Sub title: The journey we must take to find the life God offers.“Does the path to a holy life really require us to kill the desires of our hearts?” “How do we uncover our deepest desires and how do we decipher them?”These are questions which John Eldridge asks. He helps us discover that God is the author of our deepest desires. He helps guide us to unlock our God-given passions so that we can find the life which God meant us to live.

Other new books, some classics some new:

Cheri Fuller : A Busy Women’s Guide to Prayer (how to creatively weave prayer through your day)

C.S. Lewis : Mere Christianity (if you haven’t read this classic, now is the time)

Sam Wellman : C.S.Lewis.( a biography)

Josh McDowell and Don Stewart : Answers to Tough Questions about the Christian Faith (eg. Why does God allow evil to exist?)

Josh McDowell: The Resurrection Factor. ( Proven beyond reasonable doubt)

 John Dickson : Life of Jesus. Who He is and Why it Matters. ( book and DVD) 6 sessions on the DVD, suitable for bible study groups.

Penny Purchase, Media Centre.