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If you were in church this past Sunday, you will know that Paul was discharged from hospital on Thursday last week and is now recuperating at home. That is a quite amazing recovery time for one who underwent such major heart surgery and is a testimony to his general level of health and fitness. However, he needs to take it easy for a considerable time to allow not only the repaired arteries to strengthen, but also the chest wound through which the operation took place. We know that you understand this and we’re really grateful to the many parishioners who have offered to help during this period. Bless you! Rae will be resuming her duties at Cordwalles, but she too has been through a great deal, as have Casey and Jenilee (who has returned to Tukkies). Please continue to keep the whole family in your prayers.


While in hospital Paul spent quite a lot of his time in a LazyBoy recliner as he found it much more comfortable than the bed. So, here’s a request. Does anyone out there have a LazyBoy which you’d be prepared to lend to Paul during this recuperation period? Please phone the parish office if you do.


You should also know that Bishop Dino has re-appointed Paul as an Archdeacon, though the size of his area of responsibility has been somewhat reduced and should be more manageable. Bp Dino understands and fully accepts that Paul will not resume his Archdiaconal duties until he’s fully recovered.



It’s a real thrill to report that Jane has also been discharged from hospital after her mastectomy, but even more pleasing in that the oncologist sees no need for any further treatment (e.g. chemotherapy or radiation) other than an oestrogen blocker. Her post-op scan shows no sign of cancer. God is good!



Thanks to those who have already offered to assist with Shrove Tuesday. We really want to make it a family fun evening before the seriousness of Lent. We need more help, so please consider how you can be involved.


It’s also a thrill that folk have come forward to offer to present one of the sessions of the Lent Course that Paul and I discussed. The next step is for those who’ve offered to get together and plan what will be offered in depth. That will take place soon and then we’ll be able to give you more details. I think it’ll be a Lent Course with a difference!



We had a great evening last Friday, weather notwithstanding. (In fact, it turned out to be a mild and beautiful evening.) Kids seemed to whizzing everywhere, the kind of smoke that makes your neighbours jealous ascended from the braai on the hall lawn, people sat and chatted together at the tables in the hall getting to know one another better, and – best of all – Paul and Rae put in an appearance. Only for about ten minutes, mind you, and then Rae steered Paul gently but firmly in the direction of the rectory! But it was so good to see them and I know that the folk who were gathered there really appreciated it. Thanks to those who made the whole evening possible, especially to Sharon Kingham, to grandparents Andy and Mignon Hitchcock, and to my own Ann who did most of the food preparation. My own view? We need more of these get-togethers.


Until next time. Grace & peace.






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