Posted by Mary Davidge

Dear All

Please take a moment to read the flash below.

God bless,


FETE–Here is some feedback from the fete convenors regarding our recent fete. I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to the convenors and the people of the parish for pulling together in the way that they did. It ensured that we held a wonderful family event!

“Dear Parishioners  Thank you all for the wonderful effort put in by one and all to make the fete of 11 June the fun fellowship event it was.  The raffle as you will know was drawn at the end of the Fete – a public draw – and saw Paul Mosdell win the first prize. He opted to take the Whiskey which I believe will soon be available on Gumtree.  The holiday in St Francis Bay was won by Tessa Greeff and her family – they will be spending the September School Holidays enjoying their break.   The Sunday lunch for four at Fernhill Hotel went to Paula Erskine.  We are very grateful to the Poltera family for this prize.  The Nguni kindly donated by Ed Schroeder was bought on silent auction by Ruth Armitage.  The day itself was icy cold and very gusty but the enthusiasm was contagious and very warming.  Happy faces were the order of the day. The stalls were outstanding thanks to the Conveners but also all the parishioners for giving so generously towards the contents.   I keep getting asked how much was made. The grand total is just over R78 000.  The raffle came in as hoped at R41 290, with the fete proper – and silent auction – making up the balance. We were very Blessed.   Bonginkosi got not only the left over jumble but also 5% of the 10% of profits (“tithe”) which were given away.  Rosemarie Bullock will spend the other 5% of the “tithe” buying school shoes for the Sibongumbomvu School kids.  Rosemarie will also use the left over White Elephant stock at the market to be held by the Never Never Land Crèche.   The balance of the income the Church Council will use to maintain and upgrade our beautiful Church of the Ascension.  Thank you all once again.  God Bless Dick, Jane and Jenna”

BOOK SALE–There are books left over from the fete. These will be on sale in the library after church at a flat rate of R5 each. Come and take advantage of this opportunity!

GLOBAL LEADERSHIP SUMMIT–There are still tickets available for the Global Leadership Summit to be held on 28 and 29 October, being held at All Saints United Church PMB. This is an opportunity to grow both in your discipleship and in leadership. The cost is R403. Please book through the office 033 3433012 (mornings).

PMB FOR JESUS–This is an ecumenical (all churches) initiative being held on 23 July in Pmb. We as a church are encouraging participation of our members too. Our country, and in this case our city, needs God’s intervention. The mayor has invited churches to intercede in prayer for the greater city: an opportunity for God’s people to be involved. The event is not a political rally but a prayer meeting. being from Hilton, our parishioners will meet at Voortrekker High for a 9am start to the prayer walk to City Hall. This will be followed by an hour-long prayer service at City Hall, closing at 11am. Please pray for the event and make an effort to attend.  I have attached a ‘flyer’ below, and you can follow this link to see the promotional video

PAUL’S LEAVE–I will be taking some leave this July in order to regroup with the family, though will be at home.  Leave begins after Sunday’s services (3 July), for 2 weeks. Immediately thereafter, I will be going to hospital for some necessary surgery with a further week’s leave for convalescence.  I will return to services on Sunday 31 July, but should be in the office for some of the week prior to that (depending on recovery). Of course, none of this is a crisis as we have a fantastic team of churchwardens, councillors and office staff, along with John Alexander who will steer things. Thank you to all for your support!