Posted by Mary Davidge


We will be re-opening our doors for inperson worship on the 21st February 2021 (1st Sunday in Lent). We will have only a single 8am service for now. Our re-opening is going to be gradual and cautious considering that South Africa is facing the possibility of a third wave of Covid infections.
If you are struggling to decide whether you should come to the church service then please see the attached ‘flowchart’. We suggest that you consider your safety first. We will still continue to provide digital ministries!
As a church we need to comply with national regulations. Please take note of the following if you are planning to come to a church service:
 You will need to book by lunchtime on the Fri- day before the service. Please phone Margie (033-3433012) or email to book.
 Margie will confirm your booking and place you on the list (unless we are fully subscribed, in which case you will be notified).
 Numbers will be limited to 40 people.
 There will be a Covid screening station outside the church building. We are required to keep a register, ensure that you are wearing a mask, and take your temperature. Sanitiser is available at various places.
 Once registered, you will enter the church and be seated at a designated place in a pew. It is acceptable for people who stay together to sit
 There will be no prayer books or hymn books in the pew. We will use either the overhead or a printout for the service.
 We won’t have congregational hymn singing, but will provide appropriate music during the service. For listening and reflection.
 The service time will be limited. We are aiming for 1 hour, so won’t always include all of the elements in the prayer book (e.g. not all read- ings)
 We will limit the number of people serving in the sanctuary. Only one priest will preside and administer Communion.
 Communion will be in one kind only (i.e.only the bread). This is widely regarded in the Angli- can Church as full Communion.
 You are asked to please maintain distance when receiving Communion (single file, no kneeling at the rail). If you have been attending the YouTube services, then you would have seen that we have a screen at the altar rail. The priest will stand and administer Communion from behind the screen. Simply hold your hands out under the screen.
 At this stage we will sadly not be able to serve tea after the service.
We do hope that you understand our need to take the measures outlined above. Our aim is to protect one another. Our hope is that the pandemic will re- solve sooner rather than later.

Ash Wednesday is on Wednesday 17th February 2021, the ashes have been blessed and packaged in individual packets and therefore are now available for you to pick up from the parish office. There will be a virtual service available online on Ash Wednesday 17th February 2021. This will give you the opportunity to participate in this special service by impostioning the blessed ashes in your home with your family.
This year’s Lent course is one that the Provincial Office has encouraged Dioceses to utilise. We will inherit some of the course and package it in such a way that it fits the context/ community of our parish. Our Lent Course for 2021 is “GENDER JUSTICE AND THE CHURCH”. Through this Lenten journey we will have the opportunity to reflect on ways in which we can live more loving and healthy relationships through God’s Image, God’s Nature, God’s Presence, God’s Morality, and God’s Compassion. It will also give us a chance to reflect about the Good News in the midst of the times we live in.
The Lent Course will involve participation from a group of people within the parish. There will be a different group of people each week that will discuss the various topics that fall under “GENDER JUSTICE AND THE CHURCH” and these dicussion sessions will be recorded and then published every Wednesdays. This will then give a chance for all parishoners who have questions, comments etc. to send them via a Whatsapp Group titled ‘A Lent Course for 2021’. This Group will only be open for messages on a Wednesday each week. Those questions, comments etc. will be reviewed on the next Wednesday before beginning the discussion for that Wednesday.
Please remember that the ‘Welcome Function’ for our new Rectory family ‘ The Maupa’s’ is on Sunday 14th February 2021.
We need to ensure safety and compliance with Covid protocols:
 Ensuring that no more than 40 people are in the garden at any one time.
 Keeping tally of those coming and leaving to ensure the 40-person limit is observed.
 Screening people on entry by taking temperatures etc.  We need two teams: one for the 09:30 – 10:30 slot and
the second for the 10:30 – 11:30 period.
Let us take this opprtunity to make our rectory family feel at home.
Knitting sqaures
Sarah Pennington is knitting sqaures (not bears). If anybody has any spare wool, Sarah would be most grateful and will collect from the office.

CHURCH OF THE ASCENSION, HILTON Do I return to in-person worship?
We rejoice in the fact that we will be opening our doors again for worship since Christmas. However, the pandemic is still in our midst, and we cannot afford to drop our guard. We have a duty to protect ourselves and others. For this reason, we will be starting off with a single 8am service on Sundays. We will continue to provide digital ministry for the foreseeable future! Please note that if you have any reservations about coming to church, it is fine to stay home!!!