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Good Morning All

Although a report-back was given of Paul’s progress during services last Sunday, many people are still anxious to know how he’s doing, so here’s an update.

Paul underwent repair to five major coronary arteries. That’s a huge op and the whole procedure last Friday lasted around 8 hours. On Saturday morning early he came around from the anaesthetic and a start was made to wean him from the ventilator. The tubes were removed around 10:00 and he received his first visitors at 11:00 on Saturday. Those visitors comprised Rae and the girls, Paul’s parents, Rae’s Mum and myself as his priest. Since then Paul’s progress has been not only steady, but quite remarkably rapid, testimony to the fact that he is fit and healthy and the body wants to be healed. When I visited him this morning he was enjoying a proper cooked breakfast (“It’s so good to eat real food!” he remarked.) He was sitting up in a LazyBoy, his colour was good and he looked really well for someone who has gone through such an ordeal. He speculated that he might be moved out of ICU into the cardiac ward in a day or so, but had no idea when he would be discharged. While in ICU, visitors are still limited to close family and spiritual adviser.

Please continue to keep Paul, Rae, Jenilee and Casey in your prayers. Rae especially has found this to be a hugely stressful time. And yet, this crisis has drawn the Mosdells closer together as a family and they’ve been very aware of the support they offer to each other, as well as the support they’ve experienced from the parish. God bless you all for that! And thank you for your ongoing practical support in meals delivered to the parish office and offers of practical support when Paul returns home.

I also need to report back on Jane Elsworth as many will not be aware of her situation. Jane was diagnosed with breast cancer last week and was admitted to St Anne’s yesterday for surgery, which was conducted by Dick Brombacher. I saw her this morning too and she was cheerful and very positive. She believes the diagnosis was made early enough for a positive prognosis. She’s not sure when she will be discharged, but she’s ready to face the ongoing treatment that will be necessary to ensure full recovery. Please hold Jane and her family in your prayers too.

A productive sidespersons / welcome team workshop was held last Saturday. Though it was unfortunate that a number of people were not there, the turn-out was representative and the lively discussion highlighted certain problems accompanied by practical suggestions. A full report of the workshop is being drawn up and will be published soon. If you believe that God is calling you to serve Him by being a sidesperson or a welcome team member, please contact the parish office. We really do need more volunteers as our congregations are growing and thorough training will be provided.

A reminder of the braai for Sunday School children, Youth members AND their parents to be held this coming Friday – 3 February – at 6 p.m. Please indicate your attendance by contacting the parish office (033-3433012 or ) so that we know how many to cater for. All you need to bring is your own meat and drink and a healthy appetite!

Grace & peace


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