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Dear Ascension people

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Mary Davidge)

Please see the “Flash” below for news and important information.



HOLIDAY–Rae, Jenilee, Casey and I finally have time when all 4 of us are able to take a holiday. We will be away from 30 June to 15 July inclusive. The first half of our break affords us the opportunity to see family in Gauteng. This will be very special as it is the first time since our traumatic ordeal in the beginning of the year that we will be seeing most of them. It will be a bit like a reunion! The second half of our holiday takes us to Hazyview, where we hope to visit Kruger as much as possible! I wish to thank John for holding the fort whilst I am away. I also thank Peter and Lynda Wyngaard who will take the services on Sunday 02 July.

STEWARDSHIP MONTH–As a parish we will be engaging with the topic of Christian Stewardship in the month of August, and exploring ways in which we as a parish can become better stewards of all that God has given to us: ourselves, our gifts and talents, each other, our possessions etc.

VISION AND MISSION–The Diocese recently launched its new Vision and Mission statement. The Vision Statement is simply “Loving Communities” (I think deliberately ambiguous), with the text of John 3:16 as a subtitle. The Mission statement is “We, the Anglican Diocese of Natal, are called in Christ to love the world by giving ourselves fully to serve God’s mission of salvation; peace, justice and reconciliation. A key text for Bishop Dino is Lk 5:4 “Put out into deep waters and let down your nets for a catch”.

Five Marks of Mission were identified in the process. We will be doing a series on these marks of mission in Sept/Oct. The idea is to take a Thursday evening, and to run a session on the topic for the day. We will then reinforce the same topic in the sermon on the Sunday following the session. Please see the poster below for details. I would like to thank all the speakers for agreeing to take on this task.

Marks of Mission Poster

WINE AUCTION–On 4 August we are holding a fundraiser for the parish in the form of a Wine Auction. The details are set out in the poster below. We are requesting people to donate wine (sherry and port too) that we can auction off. The Auction price includes a 3 course meal at Fern Hill Hotel. Bookings can be made through the parish office

Wine Auction poster